Metabolic Health Matters

CareVio and the Health Coaches present the Metabolic Health Matters video series for ChristianaCare employees, spouses and dependents enrolled in the program.

Login Instructions:

  1. Click on the Metabolic Health Program login button below to access the login page.
  2. On the login page, enter your Employee # [starting with 801 or 901].
  3. Enter your Employee # a second time to confirm.
  4. Select Employee, Spouse or Dependent to identify the family member in the program. Note: There are up to three Dependent selections if more than one is enrolled in the program.
  5. Click the Submit button.
Metabolic Health Dashboard

The Metabolic Health Program Dashboard tracks your individual progress through the program by logging the video presentations you viewed, the completion of the video quiz for each video and the availability of the next video. Note: The completion of the video quiz is required to advance to the next video in the series.

Metabolic Health Quiz

The Metabolic Health Quiz provides CareVio confirmation that each individual completed each section of the video presentation program. Note: After completing all five videos in the Metabolic Health Program series, you will be asked to complete a survey about the program. Your answers to the survey will help CareVio improve both the clinical and video portions of the program.

How to begin:

  1. To complete the video program series, login to the Metabolic Health Program page each time as described in the login instructions.
  2. View next available video displayed on the page based on the Metabolic Health Dashboard.
  3. View the entire video to get the full benefit of the program and learn the information necessary to complete the quiz.
  4. Chapter links are provided on the video tool bar to help you reference specific content needed to complete the quiz. Tip: Use these Chapter links to help quickly access the information to locate the correct answers for the quiz.
  5. After you view the video complete the quiz located below the video. Then, click the Submit button. Note: Correct answers display as Green Text after submitting the quiz. 4 out of 5 correct answers are needed to complete the quiz. Revise the incorrect answers and submit again until you pass the quiz and advance to the next video.Tip: If you closed the Metabolic Health Program tab on your browser, then you can login again by clicking on the Metabolic Health Program login button on this page. You will pick up right where you left off.
  6. Additional resource links including the assigned Homework noted at the end of the video are provided for more information about the topic for this week's video presentation.

Meet the Health Coaches

Health Coaches, John "Jack" Clendenny and Kurt Broadwater serve the ChristianaCare community as part of the CareVio team. They have years of experience helping employees and family members through their wellness journey. The Health Coaches offer you the support and guidance you need to complete this program and build healthier lifestyle choices for your future.

Jack Clendenny

Kurt Broadwater