We offer a variety of programs and opportunities supporting the physical health, well-being, and financial security of our caregivers and their families.

WW: Embrace You!

WeightWatchers offers tailored nutrition plans, science-backed tools, and a community of support to help you reach your health goals.

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Fitness & Wellness Reimbursement

Submit the ChristianaCare Fitness & Wellness Reimbursement Form for eligible expenses such as activity trackers, fitness center membership, Weight Watchers and more... Access the Form

Active & Fit Direct

Members have access to 12,200+ Gyms, 9,700+ On-Demand Videos, and 1:1 Well-Being Coaching. There are no annual fees and no long-term contracts, and you can switch gyms anytime. Caregivers click here to access your exclusive benefits

Wellthy is here to help!

With Wellthy, your family is matched with a dedicated Care Coordinator who will help manage care for a loved one (or yourself) in any capacity, big or small. Wellthy is well suited for helping with childcare support or complex, ongoing care needs. Click here to to learn more

Click Here to visit the Health Library for useful resources and interactive tools.