Behavioral Health at a Glance

Click the image below to access the links within the pdf.

Click the image above to access the links within the pdf.

Center for WorkLife Wellbeing

Wherever you work in health care, you are exposed to experiences your friends and family members in other industries may not face. Whether on the frontline caring for patients or doing the important work that makes high quality patient care possible, you may find yourself facing challenges you never anticipated, or encountering frustrations you’d like help facing.

ChristianaCare’s Center for WorkLife Wellbeing focuses on supporting caregivers so they can find meaning, connection, and joy in their work.

To support this mission, we provide: A variety of proactive and responsive wellbeing services including mental health services, peer support, OASIS rooms, PAWS to Destress, Thank You Project patient gratitude events, and more.

VITAL WorkLife: ChristianaCare's Medical-Dental staff and their family members needing immediate mental health assistance may call VITAL WorkLife at 877-731-3949. VITAL WorkLife offers 6 free confidential, non-diagnostic counseling sessions with their master’s and doctorate level professionals.  Peer coaching, legal & financial consultations, and WorkLife concierge services are also available.VITAL WorkLife can also be accessed online using username: CCHS, and password: member.

Care for the Caregiver Peer Support Program: The Care for the Caregiver Peer Support Program provides free, confidential individual peer support and group support to caregivers when they experience stress in the workplace. If you, a colleague, or your team would like peer support, you can connect with this service via Vocera by using the "Care for the Caregiver" template or by emailing [email protected].

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Need Assistance Locating a Provider?

Wellthy can help

Wellthy provides care coordination and support by taking the administrative and logistical tasks related to care off of your plate - spanning across financial, medical, legal, in-home, housing, and social/emotional needs. Or, join Wellthy Community, a peer-to-peer social platform for family caregivers to find support, share experiences, and exchange knowledge across a range of care topics. Wellthy supports families navigating any care scenario, regardless of what the health condition is, who it's for, and what tasks need to get done.

Whether it's to care for yourself, your spouse, children, parents, grandparents, sibling, or even your neighbor who's like family, you can lean on Wellthy for support across any of these areas:

  • Childcare: guidance and support for parents with childcare needs
  • Aging: for families with aging members dealing with all kinds of life changes
  • Health Conditions: for individuals/families with a tough diagnosis or chronic condition
  • Special Needs: advocacy and expertise for families with unique and complex needs
  • Mental Health: ongoing help for those struggling with depression, anxiety, alcoholism
  • Veterans Support: helping our heroes and their families get the care they deserve
  • Financial Hardship: for those hard-working families feeling financially strained
  • Understanding Medicare: educating, evaluating. supporting, and advocating for families

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Right Direction

Putting yourself first might just be the best medicine. Everyone in your care will benefit when you realize depression is more than sadness.

One in six people will experience depression in their lifetime. You’re not alone. It doesn’t have to be unbearable. There’s help.

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VITAL WorkLife

ChristianaCare's caregivers and their family members needing immediate mental health assistance may call VITAL WorkLife at 800-383-1908.  VITAL WorkLife offers 8 free confidential, non-diagnostic counseling sessions. VITAL WorkLife can also be accessed online using username: christianacare, and password: member.

Resources available include:

  • In-the-moment counseling support, available 24/7
  • In-person or virtual counseling/therapy
  • Nurse Peer Coaching.
  • Educator Peer Coaching.
  • VITAL WorkLife app.
  • Legal and Financial Consultations and Resources
  • Online Work & Life Resources

How to Access Resources

Download the VITAL WorkLife app by scanning this QR code: