Program Description:

Each week there will be two “New” unique exercises accompanied by a healthy tip to help you bring in the New Year with a fresh new outlook.

All exercises can be done with or without weight resistance. Try to add each exercise and tip from the previous week to build an entire NEW routine focused on improving your movement, health and well-being.

Week 1

Get Moving

Research continues to show that daily exercise brings tremendous benefits to your health including lowering the risk for diseases, helping with weight loss, and adding to your life span. Choose exercises and activities you enjoy but change up the routine to keep it interesting. The more active you are, the better you will feel and the healthier you will be!

Moves of The Week

Squat to High Knee: Set feet about shoulder width apart, maintain posture as you bend at the hip and knees like you are reaching for a chair. As you stand bring one knee up toward your waist and then return to start position. Alternate between squat and high knee as shown. Repeat 5 High Knees Each Side which will amount to 10 Squats.

Incline Push-up and Shoulder Tap: Utilize a stable angled surface such as a desk, wall, bench or smith machine. Alternate between push-up and shoulder tap as shown. 5 Shoulder Taps Per Side which will amount to 10 Push-ups.