Program Description:

Each week there will be two “New” unique exercises accompanied by a healthy tip to help you bring in the New Year with a fresh new outlook.

All exercises can be done with or without weight resistance. Try to add each exercise and tip from the previous week to build an entire NEW routine focused on improving your movement, health and well-being.

Week 2

Be Present

No one can change the past and spending time worrying about the future will only lead to more stress and less fulfillment. The present moment is all you have. Try to take a step back, embrace where you are and enjoy it! The here and now is the only place to be, in fact it’s the only place you CAN be.

Moves of The Week

Helicopter Raise: Can be done with or without weight. If using weights, utilize light weights. Raise arms in front of your body to shoulder height, move arms out to the side without letting them drop, bring them back to the front of your body and then slowly lower back down toward hips. Repeat entire movement 8 times.

Side Lunge with Upright Row: Can be done with or without weight. If using weight, hold the weight in the opposite hand of the direction you are stepping. Step laterally and bend at the knee and hip. Push yourself back to standing position finishing by pulling elbow up toward shoulder as shown. Repeat 6 times on each side.