Program Description:

Each week there will be two “New” unique exercises accompanied by a healthy tip to help you bring in the New Year with a fresh new outlook.

All exercises can be done with or without weight resistance. Try to add each exercise and tip from the previous week to build an entire NEW routine focused on improving your movement, health and well-being.

Week 3

Get Adequate Sleep

The value of quality sleep cannot be overestimated. For adults, sleeping at least 7 hours a night will help regenerate your body and stabilize energy levels. Among the many benefits from sleep, it helps you live longer, lowers stress, and sharpens memory. Try getting to bed an hour earlier and reducing screen time right before bed.

Moves of The Week

Single Leg Balance with Hammer Curl and Press: Can be done with or without weight. Maintain balance on one leg. If using weight, hold one weight in the opposite hand of the leg in which you are standing. Bend at the elbow bringing hand to shoulder and press overhead as shown. Return hand back to shoulder and slowly lower back down to start position. Repeat 8 times on each side.

Alternating Single Leg V-Up to Full V-Up: Lying on your back, start with arms above your head as shown. Bring one leg up meeting leg in the middle with both hands and return to start position. Repeat on each side and then bring both legs up meeting in the middle with both hands as shown before returning to start position. Complete each leg individually and then both legs simultaneously. This will count as 1 rep. Repeat 5 Reps Total. (5 Single Leg V-Up’s per side, 5 Full V-Ups)