Program Description:

Each week there will be two “New” unique exercises accompanied by a healthy tip to help you bring in the New Year with a fresh new outlook.

All exercises can be done with or without weight resistance. Try to add each exercise and tip from the previous week to build an entire NEW routine focused on improving your movement, health and well-being.

Week 4

Breathe Through Stressful Situations

Deep breathing can make an enormous positive impact to your overall well-being. When you are feeling overwhelmed or feel stress coming on, try stepping away from the situation for a few moments and focus on taking slow deep breaths. Try breathing in deeply through your nose and slowly exhaling through your mouth. This can help relieve stress from your body and can be the most detoxifying thing you can do to work through uncomfortable situations.

Moves of The Week

Renegade Row & Push-up: Can be done with or without weights. Start in the top of a push-up position, pull one elbow back toward your body, lower back to start position and then complete same movement on opposite arm before completing a push-up as seen below. This will all count as one rep. Complete 5 Reps Total (5 Rows on each side, 5 push-ups)

Walking Plank: Starting at the top of a push-up position on both hands as shown, lower one arm at a time down on to forearm and then back up on to hands. This will count as one rep. Complete 8 Reps Total (Down and Up)