Program Description:

The Healthy Heart Challenge is a crash course on healthy habits and lifestyle behaviors that can be easily implemented to improve future heart health. The goal of this challenge is to improve heart health utilizing basic fundamental health behaviors over the next 4 weeks.

Each week we will present a new challenge with more information and tips for success. Enjoy your journey through “Heart Health 101”.

Week 2 - Nutrition

Nothing like a good HEARTY meal.

This week, try 2 New Heart Healthy Recipes! Diet plays a pivotal role in our overall health and risk for heart disease. Consuming the proper foods and nutrients has been shown to lower risk factors for hypertension, obesity and diabetes. Read more about Management of Hypertension and Diabetes in Obesity.

Check out these Heart Healthy Recipes:

Grilled Salmon and Vegetables with a Red Pepper Sauce


A Salad Your Heart Will Love

For more information on Nutrition, Weight Management, Diabetes and Disease Management contact Nutrition Services to speak with a registered dietician or community educator 302-623-3053 or visit