Welcome to the Conquering Quarantine Challenge Activity of the Day!

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There are three activity groups in this challenge: Exercise, Mindful Eating and Me Time.

  •  Exercise includes any type of physical activity you choose as long as you accumulate 30 minutes for the entire day
  •  Mindful Eating means that you selected some healthier and nutritional options. Follow the guidelines for some examples of a balanced diet.
  •  Me Time is exceptionally important during the restrictions we experience during the pandemic. Take some time (10 - 15 minutes) in a quiet place at home or work that you can just relax and breathe.

Challenge Activity Logging Instructions

Log your Challenge Activity. It's simple. Select the corresponding radio button for the activity you completed for that day.

Enter your Challenge User Name that you created when you signed up for the Challenge on MS Teams. Click the SUBMIT button and you are finished.

Check out your progress by visiting the [insert MS Teams link] and watch your activity circle grow each day!