offers newly enrolling healthcare workers and those looking for senior care access to a free 30-day premium membership where you can find an array of care support including childcare, senior care and pet care.

The one-month free premium membership can be accessed by newly enrolling health care workers at and by those looking for senior care at Upon enrollment and upgrade to a premium membership, you will immediately be able to post jobs, view profiles, connect, and message with other caregivers.

A Nanny on the Net

A Nanny on the Net is a national service with 37 offices throughout the United States. Families can use its website to find local nanny agencies who may be able to provide backup childcare options. For more information, please visit

College Nannies, Sitters & Tutors

College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors offers Nanny care and babysitting services and has multiple locations throughout the United States. Visit its website for more information and to find a nanny agency in your area at


Additional Childcare Options

Here are some ideas to help plan for back-up childcare:

  • Download the Next Door app and see if there are any parenting or childcare co-ops in your area. For example, some neighborhoods might have a group of 5 parents host a group of kids one day out of each week. This allows each family to have 4 days of childcare without any out of pocket expenses. This may be a great resource to brainstorm with other neighbors or friends in the area who find themselves needing emergency childcare.
  • Connect with other caregivers to brainstorm alternative childcare options.
  • Reach out to friends, neighbors, or families with older teenagers or college students. Many school and universities have extended spring break and this may provide an alternate option to have students on break provide childcare.
  • Connect with groups such as
  • Search out local Facebook parenting forums.
  • Search for care on local community message boards.