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Summer is a good time to feel carefree, but not a good time to
be careless! Attend this webinar for tips and reminders including:

• Sun protection
• Water safety
• Heat precautions and more

Do you put yourself down even when praised, see your efforts as never
quite “good enough,” or doubt your decisions most of the time? If so, it
could be low self self-esteem that’s causing you to be extra hard on yourself.

Even as grown-ups, feeling confident and secure inside can be a challenge
at times. Join in to learn about adult self self-esteem and get tips on how to
improve how you feel about you!

Sometimes we get so busy in our everyday lives that we forget to do things
we enjoy. This includes making time for hobbies. Hobbies are activities we
do because we like them. They give us time out from our routines and they
bring pleasure. Join this webinar to learn more about:

• Why everyone needs hobbies
• How we benefit from hobbies
• How to identify hobbies that are right for you

Do you “put off for tomorrow what you could do today?” Listen up,
procrastinators and perfectionists: Now’s the time to learn what your
behavior is all about and work on some changes that will make you less
stressed, happier and more productive too!

• Why do people procrastinate?
• How is perfectionism involved?
• Tips for beating procrastination

Many of us spend our days running around taking care of our
responsibilities. The demands of work, family and home can feel
consuming. This webinar is designed to help you take a moment to focus
on yourself and what you need to feel better, function better and help
others more.

• Recognize the importance of loving yourself
• Identify pitfalls to self-esteem
• Develop skills to support a positive self-image

Who isn't stressed these days? But if it isn't managed, stress
can damage your health. The good news: You don't need to
take a long vacation to reduce your stress. All you need is air.
Join us to learn:

• How stress impacts your breathing
• How deep breathing can lower your stress
• Three techniques for deep breathing

Learn more about social anxiety and how to overcome the fear of being
judged. We will identify the signs and symptoms associated with social
anxiety as well as the causes and risk factors. You will discover ways you
can work to overcome social anxiety and find helpful tools and resources
that can help along the way.

Setting boundaries is a big part of self-care. Join this webinar to learn more
about why it’s important to take charge of your boundaries – like learning
your own limits and deciding when to say "no" – and the steps for doing that.