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Just like you train your body and muscles, you need to keep your brain in tip-top shape too. Learn ways to keep your brain sharp, strong and agile so you can always do your best.

We will learn what happens when you are harmed, hurt or offended. We will discuss what forgiveness is, who it is for, the benefits of it and the steps to forgive those who have offended you.

We can be so hard on ourselves. Especially in a world where there’s such focus on how we look and what we wear. In this webinar we’ll review:

• What goes into body image
• The importance of healthy body image
• Steps to improve your body image

Your feelings about family usually stem from your family of origin experience (when you were a child) and extend into your own family that you’ve created as an adult. Discovering what is healthy and what is unhealthy can help you understand how you can best relate with your family.