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Has your sweet child changed into an eye-rolling, self-obsessed stranger? Parenting teens comes with special challenges. They're not children but they're not yet adults. This webinar will review:

• Problems talking with teens
• Different kinds of conversations
• Tips for talking with teens

It's a talk most families would like to avoid. Yet it's important for family members to communicate their wishes and preferences for the end of their lives. Join this webinar to learn more about "the talk" and tips on how to have it.

Sometimes we get so busy in our everyday lives that we forget to do things we enjoy. This includes making timefor hobbies. Hobbies are activities we do because we like them. They give us time out from our routines and they bring pleasure. Join this webinar to learn more about:

• Why everyone needs hobbies
• How we benefit from hobbies
• How to identify hobbies that are right for you

Rethinking the way you view stress can provide benefits to your health. Discover how stress can be your “early warning system” so you can understand it, manage it and make it work for you as often as possible. You can even use stress to fire up your energy and creativity and not just survive but thrive.