T H E  H E A L T H Y  L I F E S T Y L E
C O A C H I N G  P R O G R A M  P R E S E N T S :

No Gym, No Problem!


Using deep diaphragmatic breathing techniques from a previous episode, take a quick break and follow this routine... all while remaining in your chair.


Most jobs have us sitting all day - disrupting proper posture and causing our posterior chain to become overworked resulting in the upper body to become rounded, potentially leading to stiffness and discomfort.

So lets fix it! Take some time away from the work and readjust your body and mind by following this chair routine.

The Workout
Focus on relaxing your body during each exercise by incorporating deep breathing into the movements. Move down the exercise list until finished. Complete a total of 2 rounds.

  • Lateral Neck Stretch (15 seconds)
  • Shoulder Circles (15 seconds)
  • Overhead Lat Stretch (15 seconds)
  • Slow Close Grip Rows (15 seconds)
  • Full Shoulder Rolls (15 seconds)
  • Alternating Steps (15 seconds)
  • Trunk Rotation (15 seconds)
  • Captain's Chair (15 seconds)
  • Seated Jumping Jacks (15 seconds)
  • Skater Switch (15 seconds)
  • Seated Forward Bend (15 seconds)
  • Knee to Chest (15 seconds)
  • Ankle Rotation (15 seconds)
  • Sit and Reach (15 seconds)

Click here to download a PDF of the routines for all episodes.