No Gym, No Problem Episode 6

T H E  H E A L T H Y  L I F E S T Y L E
C O A C H I N G  P R O G R A M  P R E S E N T S :

No Gym, No Problem!


A fun exercise routine to try out before or after eating, while you are cooking, or in between trips to the kitchen!


For this routine, you will need 2 cans of soup or canned items that are similar in weight or the same (i.e. 2 cans of beans).

Find some open space in your kitchen area to perform the exercises listed below in continuous fashion until finishing all 12 – that is one round!

The Soup Can Circuit

Complete 2-3 rounds of each exercise

  • Helicopter Raise (12 Reps)
  • External Rotations (20 Reps)
  • Shoulder Press Burnout (30 Reps)
  • Punches (1 Minute)
  • Squat to Overhead Swing (15 Reps)
  • Reverse Lunge and Pass (10 Reps/leg)
  • Reverse Fly (15 Reps)
  • Bent Over Front Raise (15 Reps)
  • Single Leg RDL (10 Reps/leg)
  • Squat Hold Forward Press (30 seconds)
  • Wall Sit In Outs (30 seconds)
  • Weighted Jumping Jacks (30 seconds)

Click here to download a PDF of the routines for all episodes.